Hexapuff Lap Quilt

Inspired by “The Beekeeper’s Quilt” created by Stephanie Dosen

Like the knitted original, this quilt is made of honeycomb pockets tied together.

They are made with scraps of sock yarn and created by crocheting two motifs and slip-stitching them together. Then, they are stuffed with polyester or wool stuffing to create a puffed hexagon—a hexapuff! They’re less “smushy” than their knitted cousins. However, they are still soft, and they’re very sturdy. Unlike the knitted originals, these hexapuffs are created in the round.

The sock yarn will not work up in stripes as it will when making puffs for The Beekeeper’s Quilt. Instead, the colors will travel around each motif, creating a kaleidoscopic effect.

Pattern difficulty: Easy

Materials used: Koigu KPPPM 100% Merino Wool- 50g/175yds/160m and ShiBui Superwash Merino Wool-50g/191yds/175m-16 total skeins.

(One skein of either yarn makes 6 hexapuffs.)

Crochet hook size: “B” or size to obtain gauge.

Other Materials: Darning needle to pull through tails and stitch hexapuffs together. Polyester or wool fiber-fill for stuffing puffs.

Polyester or wool fiber-fill for stuffing puffs.

Gauge: One hexapuff = 3 inches from point to point.

Dimensions: Lap quilt is 23 in. wide and 25 in. long. It takes 93 hexapuffs to complete the quilt with these dimensions–6 rows of 8 puffs and 5 rows of 9 puffs.

Time to complete: It took me 16 minutes to complete one side of a hexapuff. To make both sides, stitch them together, stuff and close, took 40 minutes.

Pattern available on Ravelry.com: Hexapuff Lap Quilt


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